Teaching Strategy

MathConcept uses different mathematical techniques to help children build a strong mathematical foundation. Some of the techniques are as follow:

Mental Calculation

MathConcept encourages students to do mental calculation. By using the method “Combination of 10”, students will be able to add and subtract without the use of their fingers.

For example,


Instead of using vertical form, students are taught to calculate mentally in this way:

\begin{align*}8+7 &= 8+2+5 \\ &= 10+5 \\ &= 15 \end{align*}

This technique is also applicable for subtraction.

For example,


In this case, borrowing will be involved if students decide to calculate using vertical form. A quicker method would be:

\begin{align*}24-18 &= 24-14-4 \\ &= 10-4 \\ &= 6 \end{align*}

Simple Language

In MathConcept, we explain complex mathematical terms and teach students in simple language so that they will understand. This is especially important for students who are facing difficulties in solving complicated word problems. By breaking up the chunks of information and understanding the question part-by-part, students will be able to solve challenging word problems with ease.

Picture Representation

To engage our students in learning, MathConcept's courseware includes diagrams, charts and tables that would assist students in understanding different mathematical concepts.

For example,

$$\text{Find }\frac{2}{5}\text{ of }35$$

To understand the concept of fractions, students will first draw 5 boxes.

model method

Since 5 boxes have a total of 35, each box will have 7.

model method

Now, 2 boxes will contain a total of

$$7+7 = 14$$

Concrete Examples

MathConcept's courseware includes detailed examples to guide students through challenging problems. In addition, we use interactive teaching tools to introduce, explain and reinforce mathematical concepts and skills. By providing a hands-on demonstration, students are able to understand and remember the concepts better.

Word Problems

Word problems hold a large weightage of 50% in the PSLE Mathematics paper. As such, to excel in Mathematics, students have to be equipped with skills to do well in word problems. In MathConcept, we teach students to analyse questions, think critically, organise logical steps and present their solutions clearly. Our teaching pedagogy, coupled with extensive resources of past year papers and challenging word problems, will help students achieve desirable results.