About MathConcept

MathConcept has been dedicated in providing an all-rounded learning experience for our students. MathConcept's teaching method has been proven successful in helping our students build up their mathematical knowledge and hone their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Today, MathConcept has expanded to 30+ centres across Hong Kong, Macau and China. To ensure the high standards of our first Singapore branch, our tutors have attended a 1-year training programme in Hong Kong.

MathConcept's effective teaching pedagogy has been well-received by parents. 90% of our new enrollments are referred by current students and parents. In addition, MathConcept has been awarded many times in recognition of our outstanding reputation and excellence in the educational sector.


Why Should You Choose MathConcept?

Effective Diagnostic Test

Before enrollment, your child will have to sit for a diagnostic test to determine his / her mathematical ability. Based on 2017 Singapore MOE Syllabus, the diagnostic test covers all the topics your child needs to know at his / her current academic level and the concepts needed to excel in the examinations. The diagnostic test will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Unique Study Plan

MathConcept understands that each child is unique and possesses different learning abilities. Based on the result of the diagnostic test, we will construct a personalised learning plan for your child. Your child will learn at his / her own pace, focusing on the weaknesses and building on the strengths. Our tutors will also communicate your child's progress in each class through the MathConcept student handbook.

Professional Teaching Method

Instead of using traditional teaching methods, we adopt the Spiral Teaching method that is effective in building a strong foundation in Mathematics. Coupled with our carefully designed teaching materials, MathConcept helps students create an in-depth understanding on new mathematical concepts and to provide them with many opportunities to revisit concepts they have learnt previously.


Nursery / Kindergarten

MathConcept's Little First Steps programme is designed for early childhood learners. As an introductory programme, Little First Steps stimulates the natural interest of young learners and prepare them for ...

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Primary Mathematics

Understanding Mathematics in Primary School is very important as it is the foundation to future Math studies. In MathConcept Primary Math Programme, students advance progressively from mastering ...

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Lower Secondary Mathematics

Lower Secondary Mathematics acts as the basic foundation for advanced mathematical studies such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probabilities and calculus. Basic mathematical skills will also be ...

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Upper Secondary Mathematics

MathConcept's E.Math and A.Math courses focus on equipping students with essential mathematical concepts and examination skills needed to excel ...

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Junior College Mathematics

The Junior College Mathematics is built upon Additional Mathematics and consists of fundamental concepts that are useful for several university ...

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